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Domain Name Buying Tips

The shorter the better – Consider that in most cases your domain name will be typed into a browser, so the less characters to type the better.  Often it will be typed from memory as well, so the less characters to remember the better the chances they will remember the whole thing and enter it correctly.  Short domain names are also very rare and therefore present a prestigious and professional impression for your business or organization.


Your business name doesn’t necessarily need to be your domain name – A creative and memorable domain name can work just as well as your company’s name, and in some cases even better.  Clever, related domain names also attract attention to them, increasing the traffic your website will receive.

Purchase multiple domain names – There are many good reasons to register more than one domain name for your website.  They can be used to create different marketing strategies, to ensure that visitors still end up at your website through other variations of your name (alternate spellings such as with or without a "u", plural and singular versions of words which may be used either way, numbers spelled out as words, words commonly spelled or typed incorrectly, etc), and to prevent current and future competitors from registering generic names in your industry.  Where possible we've put together packages of related domain names to help you take advantage of these strategies.  Most all hosting companies will allow you to "park" a number of additional domains on your account and point them to your main website.  For example, you can take the "s" out of "" and you'll still end up at the exact same place.


Picture the domain you have in mind in the places you might use it – Before you purchase the domain name you’re interested in, picture it in the various places you might use it.  These include business cards, letterheads, flyers, vehicles, and the like.


If your website is going to be your entire business, pick a name you can build a brand around – A good domain name will make your future marketing efforts so much easier and more effective.  Many companies have spent fortunes trying to make a bad name work, when they could have just purchased a good name to start with, and for a fraction of the price.

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