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About The Sale Process

The first step in the sale process is to let us know the domain(s) you’re interested in. Once you do that we’ll put them on hold for you for two weeks pending completion of the rest of the process.

Payment is then made for the total price of the domain name(s) purchased. This is not an auction or a bidding war, so the prices listed on the site are the final price you pay, first come first serve. Just add 13% GST/HST to get the total price. .CA domain names no longer require renewal/extension to transfer ownership. We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and PayPal as forms of payment (business cheques may also be accepted at our discretion).

Once your payment has been received, the final transfer process is performed. We'll transfer it into your name and control, and you'll receive any registration time remaining on the domain name. We generally split the domain(s) off into their own account at the current registrar, and then if you wish you can transfer them elsewhere at your convenience. When the transfer process is complete the domain(s) will be totally under your control to be used in any way you see fit. The only other fees you'll need to pay are the annual renewals of the actual domain name at the registrar of your choice (most usually charge $10-15/year).

If you wish we can also use to facilitate the transfer process (we'll split the fees 50/50 with you).

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